Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue

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Harper Kingsley By HarperKingsley Completed

Summary: Ashlevarnis has enjoyed a blessed existence in the Pit, where he is the favored lover of Erusidamus, the Master of Gold. He is content with his life, but Franciscus has been his friend since childhood and pleas with him to flee to the human realm – a world where Franciscus will no longer be a serf and they can enjoy an unheard of freedom. Original fiction. slash content.

In the human realm, Ashlevarnis is known as Ashley Valentine and must find something to assuage the pain he feels over the loss of his Master. And so he joins a band and sets out to make music and build a future for himself.

Unfortunately, just as his band has begun to approach commercial success, the Master of Silver Ignipatros sends Her devils to kidnap Ashlevarnis as leverage against Erusidamus.

You can pick up an ebook copy of Little Boy Blue free from Smashwords, or for $0.99 from Amazon (that version contains a lexicon at the back as well as several short stories.)

This is the first book in a duology (two-book set) and I should be starting up with the chapters for book two, Residual Blue, when I get far enough along.

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