Two Meanings of the Word: Half-Blood! {ABANDONED}

Two Meanings of the Word: Half-Blood! {ABANDONED}

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*~Dead Account~* By abandonedaccountyay Updated Apr 25, 2016

Nico di'Angelo arrives at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As if that alone wasn't enough chaos, there is a fractured memory floating in pieces around the school: something to do with... Dragons?

*Ships: Hermione+Ron, Harry+Ginny, mentions of Solangelo (May be subject to change.)
*Fandoms: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson

NOTE: This story has been rewritten to make it an actual story instead of just *bleh*. So if anyone is confused, that is why! I hope you like the new-and-improved Two Meanings as much as (or more than) the old one!!! ~River

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onedemoniclilly onedemoniclilly May 08, 2017
Already liking this, it has a new start from others. It different. Love it.
LevisBFF23 LevisBFF23 Dec 20, 2016
Your story is pretty awesome anyway but if you change the story to a way you think would make it even better, that's great
writerofthefandoms writerofthefandoms Jan 11, 2016
Wow! This is a really awesome start! You have such a beautiful writing style, which reads really naturally. I can tell I'm going to love this. XP
RaptorAtel RaptorAtel Jan 03, 2016
If it's simpler to rewrite them, then do that :) but if you want to keep the chapters you already have, then do that
holowhovian holowhovian Jan 03, 2016
This story will be good either way so do what you want. I honestly couldn't care. But if I were you I would want to rewrite the earlier chapters that you have.
GirlVSWRitting GirlVSWRitting Jan 02, 2016
Hi look I don't really think what you should do look it this way what for s better, how would the story.  come out if you use the things you already have and how would the story fit if you change it. In other words I won't be bothered by what you choose