Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell

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(I)This is story ( novella ) written for the #theopennovellacontest

(II) I have temporarily taken down the summary chapter as I want the judges to read all 2000 words and do not want to ruin it 


Meet Aster Marlene, the new girl in town who is just hoping to make friends and complete her last year of High School controversy free. It seems simple enough for this joyfilled, free-spirited girl. That is until a disastorous rumour gets leaked.

Meet Noah Sedita, onto his second round of Senior year after certain unfortunate events have caused him to drop out of school. Will a little rumour hinder his fresh start or will he bring the best out of this situation and find love?

We believe that things always turn out for the worst if you are involved in the vicious circle of High school rumours , but is this true for all?

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Editor / almost co-author : Em_Tornado

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