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Allie By AllieMurlocks Updated Dec 05, 2016

Peter, mourning over the death of his late girlfriend, Mary-Jane Watson, meets the ever-notorious Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson, a.k.a Deadpool. Deadpool is a man who's always known what he wants, and he wants the shy, skittish, goody-two-shoes Peter Parker, a.k.a Spiderman. 

Deadpool unlocks a part of Peter that had been kept buried and hidden, and it scares the hell out of him. Will he accept Deadpool and let loose that side of him?

Join the fun and wisecracks as Deadpool takes Spiderman for a crazy, wild ride that Peter's not sure he's ready to handle.

A good boy a bad boy a good bad boy a half good half bad half boy
Oh you poor poor thing :(
                              HA BITCH YOU WITH PETER ALREADY:)
Oh yes you will see him again in every spideypool fanfic that is XD
Well that's an interesting love story 
                              is she gonna be jelly when wade goes for Peter tho
Okay,BUT, what if some ppl think of the Death in Supernatural? That just makes things complicated.
Sarah-hannah123 Sarah-hannah123 Nov 03, 2016
I read somewhere he could die from a terminal illness 😭😭😭😭😭😭tell me it's not true