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findmysteryinme By findmysteryinme Updated May 09

One diary, one girl who has the ability to wield its hidden powers, four individuals beguiled by Cupid's cookies and entrusted to find the wielder's, true love.

But from these four individuals who would her true soulmate?

Meet Ivy -desperately craving for some love and attention  -a young chef -who, despite years of culinary training has had bad luck in landing a job. Her luck is bad, that is until she stumbles into 'Soul Food Cafe' and easily gets picked as a chef there.

For Ivy, things have a weird way of happening and that's seen when for some reason, everyone who eats the special sweet treats at the cafe has their luck changed for the better.

Does this have something to do with the dairy that's been locked away for years?

Has it finally found it's wielder?

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