The Lost Queen

The Lost Queen

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Rose Brown By rosebrown1k Updated Feb 04

Queen, a title, which was very important to The Kingdom of Gionevrin. Only a queen could rule that kingdom. It was the tradition.

The kingdom was shining brightly in happiness to welcome their unborn princess, The Future Queen. But they didn't realize that darkness was stretching its arms to hunt their happy lives. They lost their beloved King and Queen when evil became desirous for power. The people of the kingdom mourned for their beloved ones who became the prey of the evil. They had to become slaves for the new evil queen. All of them heard that their princess was alive but no where to be found. They were happy about that because no one wanted the new life to be destroyed. Everyone started to live a new life like a dead soul. 

They needed a savior. The princess was lost. But someone was coming to shake and shuffle everything once again and to play again. Someone was coming to find The Lost Queen. She was never a princess but a queen who wore her courage as her crown and Destiny was the one who could bring back the Queen.

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