We Are Monsters Of Our Own (A Bruce Banner/Avengers fanfic)

We Are Monsters Of Our Own (A Bruce Banner/Avengers fanfic)

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I'm Katherine Blaze. A director, a spy, and an assassin in S.H.I.E.L.D.
I'm also a scientist and a doctor.  I've been known to many people as Elementia for my powers. 

I possess powers that are the basic elements of our world. Fire. Water. Air. Earth. Ice. Electricity. I have telekinesis and telepath too. 

I can put a forcefield around me to protect myself or others. I save people. In the outside world, they were scared of me, call me a monster or a freak. But here, I'm a hero. 

One day, Fury called me to go to New York. He needs me to be there. I knew a big mission is waiting there. 

My goal was to finish it and leave immediately. But things change when I was there, I met one person, who feels exactly the same as me. 

He changed my plans, he is different from the others. They call him Bruce Banner or the hulk. They call him dangerous but so am I.

totallyotaku13 totallyotaku13 Jul 28, 2016
And Shikamaru he can kick ur ass if u piss him off, but he'll probably be to lazy unless u hurt his teammates
Slytherin_Prefect17 Slytherin_Prefect17 Apr 09, 2016
Now that I know it's T-Swift all I can picture is her being totally bad asś like in the Bad Blood video.
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egypt-erudite egypt-erudite Oct 18, 2015
I'm sorry but this is entire paragraph is just impossible. All of it.