Savage Mate

Savage Mate

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Anna By redbirdwriter Updated Jul 21, 2016


Two packs that had long opposed each other.  Both packs blamed one another for past transgressions.  But when the Red Devil pack alpha's daughter, Sydney, finds out she mates with the one person she was taught to hate, Pale Moon's future alpha Xavier, will she choose her mate or her pack.  

While she makes this decision, another plans to take the alpha title away from her.  Schemes and scandals, Sydney has to navigate through a treacherous battle field to accomplish her goals and save those she holds dear.

In this fast paced adventure, can Sydney be the Alpha she's been taught to be or will her love for Xavier change everything.

Warning: Some Scenes include some Sexual Content

  • adventure
  • alpha
  • fantasy
  • fiction
  • mate
  • mates
  • packs
  • rogue
  • savage
  • scandal
  • scheme
  • sydney
  • werewolves
  • wolf
  • xavier
CordialMisanthrope CordialMisanthrope Jul 02, 2016
I don't know what y'all think, but that nightmare seems to indicate major self esteem problems.
- - Jun 22, 2016
Not bad. There are a few punctuation errors and spelling errors, but you have a nice balance between dialogue and details
Fantasy_girl21 Fantasy_girl21 Jun 24, 2016
The transition from the dream and here could be a bit smoother as well. Usually dreams or memories and thoughts are italicized.
AnonymousLifeofLies AnonymousLifeofLies Jun 23, 2016
Hi there! Your story is in the depth of it is good :D but there are a lot of errors in the chapter like punctuation and others. Do a read through to comb out any such faults in the chapter as it distracts the reader. Overall good read! :D
Fantasy_girl21 Fantasy_girl21 Jun 24, 2016
What a bunch of mean biyatches! I think in this sentence its supposed to be "our supposed future alpha" and not "or supposed future alpha"
- - Jun 22, 2016
Not bad. Quite a few punctuation errors. It did seem a little rushed, and you should separate the POVS into two different chapters. Not bad however,