Helena Series: Newborn & Spellbound [Book I + II] DRAFT

Helena Series: Newborn & Spellbound [Book I + II] DRAFT

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Emma Lowe By EmmaLoweBooks Completed

This book has been revamped and re-edited.

The original version will remain on Wattpad (for now), but the new version is altered with a lot of changes to plot, characters, and even the over all story. I do highly recommend reading the new version as it is very different and more developed.

eBook: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/623826

Paperback: http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/newborn-%28helena-series-book-1%29/18675499



Growing up on the rough streets of western Sydney, seventeen-year-old Helena Callahan has always been a fighter. Her philosophy is simple: be sly, agile, and never get caught doing something illegal. And that's what her world was all about-breaking the law.

With no parents around, Helena is forced to sell her body to make a living. It wasn't ideal, but it was how she survived after running away from home. Nothing ever seemed to change for Helena. It was always the same dauntless routine. At least that was until she is streetwalking one night and witnesses a supernatural murder.

Among being caught in a bizarre love-triangle, Helena is thrown into a new lifestyle that is surrounded by undead creatures, magical prophecies, and a compelling psychopath that she is bound to for an eternity. Now the cunning heroine is forced into a different kind of battle in order of survival. Only this one means war.

  • action
  • bites
  • blood
  • callahan
  • darien
  • drama
  • emmiie
  • friction
  • gore
  • helena
  • hooker
  • life
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  • secret
  • vampire
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  • werewolves
dabestreadar dabestreadar May 04, 2017
When you've been reading American books and live in Australia. Now I finally know a place!!! 😂😂
a6s6d6 a6s6d6 Feb 21, 2016
I cannot wait to start reading this again, the other day I remembered reading this book when it first came out which was like 5 years ago, right? I downloaded the app just so I could read this again, so pumped :))
Veronica_Rosa Veronica_Rosa Aug 31, 2016
I kinda lost interest when Reed died in this book and would definitely love to read this new version :3
nikkiesaurlovesyou nikkiesaurlovesyou May 12, 2016
So is it all of the series, or just this book of the series that is revamped. No pun intended lol.
zrissi zrissi Apr 02, 2016
I can't wait to read them again, this was (is) the first series I've ever read!  I never want Helena to end. .. that you so much for the notification!    YOU ARE THE BOMB☆★☆★☆★
                              ;-) Z