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Meet Our Sister (ouran fanfic)

Meet Our Sister (ouran fanfic)

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SilentReader By silentwriter323 Updated May 21

Shock, Happiness, and confusion was what everyone felt once they met the Hitachiin's long lost sister. It was said that they were triplets but she came out a month after the Twin's birth. She was born different from the rest. She had somethings that we didn't. She got sent to a different country. It happened when they we're five years old it was her birthday. After opening her last gift the doors to their mansion was busted open and she was drag out and away from her family. Since then her brothers haven't seen her and slowly they forgotten about her. But one beautiful morning they're parents got a call from a Goverment Facility saying that their daughter was returning home. They we're overfilled with joy. But crazy thing started happening when she got home. Their Daughter was then enrolled to Ouran where she met the wackies, Crazies, Nerve wrecking, Handsome people. Will they solve her puzzle? Will her brother's accept her? Will she finally get what she wants?..

(a/n: hi guys, i'm sorry about deleting the previews story i made. One of my friends tried pranking me and it didn't turn out well so she decided to delete soe of my stories that B***H!!... so  there are a couple of changes with this one but i hope you still like it... Once again i'm so sorry!!!)

BeatrizZakutniy BeatrizZakutniy Mar 26, 2016
Wow! How rude.. I am going to break someones face and is going to be the twins...
Angelover204 Angelover204 Sep 13, 2016
There as kind as hunny when you mess up ussa-chan and wake him up and don't have Mori to help
Min_Asmae93 Min_Asmae93 Jun 28, 2016
Bruh, I swear- in all these kind of fanfics there is always the girl doing this when she could just kick/punch the guy in his things
CammieRaeTheAwesome CammieRaeTheAwesome Feb 18, 2016
"Right, right. I'll just call 911 and repeat what you said." That's what I think she's thinking
dinogirlrawr2654 dinogirlrawr2654 Apr 26, 2016
I-I-I *takes out pocky* *munch*i am soooo hurt (note the sarcasm) *silently cries* SOMEONE SAVE THE POCKY BEFORE MY SALTY TEARS RUIN IT!HAAAALLLLP!
TheOfficialProxies TheOfficialProxies Dec 17, 2015
You girl, just earned yourself a stalker. Should've battered him while ya had the chance.