A Princess's Problem.

A Princess's Problem.

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Follow Link and Zelda's struggle to unlock her powers and help her father look after the kingdom of Hyrule. But what will happen when they are alone?

Link and Zelda will have a rocky start but eventually, Zelda warms up to him and they journey through Hyrule together. They will face creatures such as Dodongos. It will include much loved characters from Twilight Princess and Ocarina Of Time and maybe a few others. This is the ultimate adventure packed with fighting, love, friendship and of course mind boggling plot twists.

I also need your help with suggestions from other Zelda games and I will somehow make it into this fanfic even though it is based in Breath of the Wild.

(I do not own The Legend of Zelda, it belongs to Nintendo. All fan art/ pics are not mine unless I have said otherwise)

I do not own the Legend of Zelda game series or characters. I'd also like to give credit to the YouTube channel, NintendoBlackCrisis for all the awesome Zelda theories he makes that I take inspiration from. 

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