That Funny Kind of Love ✔️

That Funny Kind of Love ✔️

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Elisha M. Vianen By ElishaMVianen Completed

Michelle and Christian are the odd couple you look at and wonder, "why are they even together?" Their the definition of opposites attract. She's wilder then you could ever imagine and he's a man of few words when it comes to anything but her.

Michelle is the missing piece to his puzzle who he grows to love so much... to an extent.

There is love in this funny and exciting story and there's shady moments, but there is nothing Michelle can't fight through like a warrior. 

Christian and Michelle go through ups and downs. He learns that being controlled by his dad isn't what he wants to live for and she learns that standing her ground and getting her point across, no matter what happens, is something that could lead to bigger and better outcomes.

Michelle and Christian's relationship was made to bend and twist, but never break. Breaking was never written in their destiny.

frostiller frostiller Sep 22, 2016
We know all lives matter but what life matters right now...BLACK.
Sarah579 Sarah579 Sep 07, 2016
Yo~. Yes girl-wooh! Woohoo! And I know lol, I too have to stop myself and be like: "No, c'mon now, you're a child of God, you can't be saying those thoughts out loud-no matter how much they irk you."
takayabrantley takayabrantley Nov 11, 2014
Very good and talented i love the way how you start your story off gooodddddd