The Prince's Mistress (bwwm)

The Prince's Mistress (bwwm)

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"Just don't tell anyone ok? it would only make trouble" he said, a serious set on his brow.  

"For who me or you?" I asked looking straight at him.

His jaw clinched and his face reddened with anger again. He's always had a short temper. Was I taking my new found confidence too far too quickly? 

"Listen here SERVENT GIRL! I not losing my throne to this! don't pretend you didn't like.."

I cut him off. 

"Oooh PLEASE you think that grape between your legs had any effect on me?" I lied

"Grape? " He said walking up to me

Oh no

He grabbed my forearm and pulled me in. His hand around my waist. 

"Be a good girl and hold still" 

Before I could respond he has turned me around and had one hand around my waist and one inching up my thigh.

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Yoo my mom calls them that too and she call rabbits mice with long ears and mad fur
Chocolate wasn’t created til 1847 I learned that from another book on wattpad 😊
Yea, so the prince can now scream "Quit READING around!!!!" 😂😂
That's not appropriate at all to say for one u raped her so u weren't meant to see it fuqwaad
I hope he knows how to pull out.... 😐 I dont think they had condoms back then.
Wait who thd hell is he?! Or should i said...who the hell was the brown haired guy in the beginning..😔 ugh... I'm lost..