Dynasty Of The Titans

Dynasty Of The Titans

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Annie Dracion By BookDragonReads Updated May 06

Lorence Tamil. 
The first woman to Titan! 
She couldn't emphasize how much she wanted this job. After all the researching, dreaming, and training, she would finally go to space.
Ever since Chloesa Chisholm had especially saved the race from an odd disease on Mars, she had always known she would be an astronaut. 
Now that she was here, Lorence was scared. She hadn't trained beside her team, and although they were friends,  she was still the only Earthin on the team. The others had lived the closest to their destination, a small Tok (a martian town) on Mars. There leader though, Malia, was a Belti, and had experience in space outside of the simulations. 
"Come on Lorence," said Malia excitedly, waving her over to the Elite Spaceship, "Welcome to the Dragon. Welcome to your future."

And welcome to a world 2,000 years into the future where the human race has advanced so much from it has today, all the continents have become only three civilizations, the Earthlin from Earth, the Martians from Mars, and the Belti from the Asteroid Belt.
A cold war has started between all of these planets for resources, in which Earth seems to the only one with an abundance, even with global warming and polution.
Lorence, and a few others from different planets, were organized into a 'team' to go to Titan, a planet of its own after Jupiter blew up. Their mission; go, find, tape, and get back, no problems. Their trip sailed smoothly, their mission was a complete success, but when an unexpected battle showed up by the Raocky Sector, their mission was flattened. Unlucky, but luckily, a Martian battleship picked them up, and Lorence realizes; not all coincidences are accidental.

Go take the ride.

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