Black Ties and a White Lie

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Warning: Needs a lot of editing
    She likes orange juice. He drinks beer like it's water. To make a living, she works at a bar. He owns half of the bars in the City. She's a seventeen, quirky, laid back, high school drop out. He's the son of a wealthy, notorious, entrepreneur. How exactly do the two end up sharing an apartment on 5th avenue in the City of New York?
    A story of | independence | humor | white lies | innocent youth | love | and the tale of one young woman who strives to survive in the adult world~
i love this character and your writting style is AMAZING!!!!
When i read this book i was so glad it wasn't cliche! its so different to other books and i love it! x
Funny intro. And i lke funny.haha.and i love the cover because its red.
I love this already. Its different and quirky, and quite frankly I feel like I have to read on. Your writing draws me in. So props to you!
really good intro! i like her character! i'm left thinking is she rich or poor? because if she shares an apartment i'd thought she was poor... but if she has these meetings i wonder is her family rich >.< must read!
a risky opening. felt like it had a daring style to the writing. the cover helps that idea too! good stuff!