The Call Of The Abyss : Bloody Crowns

The Call Of The Abyss : Bloody Crowns

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Princess😘 By Princess__LC Updated Oct 30

Simmer Annabelle Dolan was a human, a mundane, a feeble helpless and fragile living being like every other 7 billion humans in the world. She was Just Ordinary until one day changed her life drastically, January 21, 2023. 

The Day She woke up Dead.

Kylen Mykeal Ramson is and forever will be a creature with an unstoppable thirst for blood, his bloodlust devoured him at will. His bittersweet need for him kept him alive. His powers however were a gift to him in return for it. But His love for it is what killed Simmer. 

You see the day she died 

      ....was the day He became alive.

During This story of unexplainable events and questionable adventures these two Overcome obstacles like they've never faced and unravel love like they've never felt.

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