Twins (Su Gem War Fanfic)

Twins (Su Gem War Fanfic)

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LionesswithaManeofFire By BisexualPyromancer Updated Mar 03

i promise ill be back when season seven/the movie is here

Two rubies, bystanders in a war they didn't start and outcasts among all they stand with, attempt to search for a better life; finding new friends and allies along the way. 

But as everything they've ever known before collapses around them, the question rises.

Will they ever find peace in a universe at war?
There's like one swear word in the entire thing so PG13
 you do have to have watched most of steven universe to understand this sorry.

I'll do the sequel when season six is here.

#1 in Rubysu 1/3/19
#2 in gemwar 2/3/19

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