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Just The Way It Goes

Just The Way It Goes

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TeamPineappleGirls By TeamPineappleGirls Updated Oct 09, 2011

Sequel To 'Vampires and Werewolves don't hate eachother..ya know?'.

December and Dru, April and Kayli's kids (respectively) are set up with even more adventure than there parents. Dru's hot cousins stay in town for a while, but the two boys that have the girls trippin' are Blaine and Mason. Mason, the bad boy, seems like all he wants is December, but he's not so sure with his forbidden feelings for Dru. Will, Dru's (ex-)boyfriend, who has an obsession with her mother, soon becomes a problem, after the break-up with her. What'll happen to the two girls?
Find out ;) 
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donttouchmyramen donttouchmyramen Mar 15, 2011
                              Aww thts nice :) I'm haf of de author lol.
                              Anyway @TeamPineappleGirls tht was totally wicked, dude! So she likes 2 dance, eh? So his name is 'Chord', eh? So I keep saying 'eh', eh? (I bet I can make tht sound dirty lmao) As Princess2913 said, well it was good :D