The Band Baby -Niam AU (Louis!kid)

The Band Baby -Niam AU (Louis!kid)

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Kahlia Payne By IHaveNiamFeels Updated May 16, 2017

Liam wasn't to sure how it happen or why it was dropped on him at such a time, but it happened and looking back at it now he wouldn't change it for the world.

Liam Payne, known for being in a band, which is so well known in this generation never expected to have a little boy given to him two days before his tour kicked off, this boy though was his son.

Louis Tomlinson, a two year old boy with Liam's ex girlfriend' sister's maiden name as his last, blue eyes and brown hair and he honestly looks nothing like Liam, Louis is his son nonetheless and really never expected his life to become like it was now. 

This is how Louis became Liam's band baby, the boy who was touring the world with his overly famous dad, and the blue eyed boy never understood why he had to share him with so many girls, Liam was his and only his, or so he thought in his little mind.

find out how Louis leads his father to somebody who would become a big part in his life, Liam couldn't believe he was so close and he never realized, this person was literally the apple of Louis' eye, apart from his dad of course.

Runner Up In The Bromance Awards.

KissingWhiteLies KissingWhiteLies Mar 18, 2017
1. Watered? Liam, Louis isn't a plant.
                              2. NICOLAAAAAAA TAKE ME WWIIIITTTH YOU.
unimportant_m unimportant_m Sep 22, 2016
Nobody going to say anything on kids need to be watered? No, okay, I'll be on my way now
Throughthedark97 Throughthedark97 Dec 04, 2015
I'M SO READY FOR THIS :) it's hard to find kid fics of the boys so i'm super excited about this
a-friend a-friend Apr 07, 2015
If I can't see you, you can't see me, that's how it works  (/_\)
kadiebmore kadiebmore Sep 13, 2014
I think this sounds precious. I just know Niall is going to become obsessed with baby Lou...and he will love Niall to the moon and back. It will be the perfect nail
MirandaLStyles MirandaLStyles Jun 12, 2014
Sounds exciting ! Can't wait ! Also reading WFL...LOVE IT ! not that far into it though...but I cried like twice already