My Kik-Ass Boy Girlfriend (BoyxBoy)

My Kik-Ass Boy Girlfriend (BoyxBoy)

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panda_lover____ By panda_lover____ Updated Feb 16, 2015

Jay Baker is a closeted 17-year-old junior. Desperate for interaction with other men, he decided to turn to social networking to quench his thirst. That day, he created his alter ego: Alice Lane, but little did he know that his little stunt is only the beginning of an inevitable — a very complex problem.  

Grant Adams (18 years old) had just finished his freshman year of college in Arkansas. He’s back in California for the summer and had been on Kik to hunt for a girlfriend. On one lucky day, he meets the sexy Alice Lane, who was attractively a year older than him.  Follow these three on their journey through a complicate life of problems, lies, love, and heartbreak.  

*** WARNING ***  This book contains relationships between two men and will discuss topics that may or may not be suitable for minors. Please read at your own risk!

Epilogue coming soon! :D

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american3214 american3214 Apr 09, 2017 the alter ego still the guy? Or is Alice Lane a real person then? So confused on the characters.
IIRainbowII IIRainbowII Feb 15, 2016
Wish I could date sadly I'm to shy to just go up to a boy :(
pugguke pugguke Dec 02, 2015
Wait I'm confused Alice is him right? Just the same guy but different persona
so confused on the characters as you make the alter ego sound like shes legibly a separate person from Jay himself, when she is really just him or am i wrong idek.
EmmyBrownsilva EmmyBrownsilva Aug 25, 2014
is this going to end with grant having help from nev and max ? lol jk
greatwizard14 greatwizard14 Jul 04, 2014
OMG!!! Those 3 characters are my favorite celebrities ^_^ I hope this story would be added to my "Best Story" if this turns out great :)