halo ODST male reader Alien Harem

halo ODST male reader Alien Harem

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caleb bowen By hicaleb2 Updated Mar 21

I wake up being thrown out of my bed by raven 

Sebastian:ow you fucking cunt 

Raven:is that a way to speak to your leader

Sebastian:oh sorry

I stand up 

Sebastian:yes captain bitch am at your service 

She punched me in the stomach

Kate:you know sab you make it worse for yourself

Sebastian:ya I know I just like to make her angry 

Martin:just don't get kicked in the balls like last time because I'm not checking again

(A/N i like to think of Cole bronzemen as Russian and Martin kale as a German but they can be who ever you want them to be that's just how I think of them but there accents are light that's all I had to say)

Cole:we have a upcoming mission i would recommend getting ready

Sebastian:i sleep in my armor 

I walk over to my locker and take out my weapons as my team does the same 

Kate:Cole can you help me my armor is not latching together 


He then helped Kate all of Sudden the warning lights begin to flash

Ship announcer:this is not a drill all solders...