Dipped In Gold: Wattys2015

Dipped In Gold: Wattys2015

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"If everything is dipped in gold, then baby it will never grow"

Kiesh McBedet has always had an easy life. From getting everything she wanted to barely having to lift a finger. Now at the age of 18 she can't do anything but ask and beg. Her parents are tired of her lazy behavior and decide to teach her a lesson. 

Kiesh is soon kicked out of her parents house with only a small suitcase and nine-hundred dollars. She soon realizes she has to make some cash quick. She'd never be able to strip or be a drug dealer. So what can she do to make money in the real world? 

Copyright 2014

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angel_cakessss angel_cakessss Sep 12, 2017
This bitch tripping I'm in the wrong book I ani here for that I'll whoop her my dam self
MakaiaNunnery MakaiaNunnery Jul 19, 2017
I would rather someone tell me the ugly truth before a pretty lie...tell me how it is no matter what
Damn this bich thinkin' she the Queen of England
                               Hate nature?  
                              I bet nature hates you too.
Beauty_Jordan Beauty_Jordan Sep 03, 2017
Wtf u live in nature lmao yo house is where trees were at hun and I'm sure u walking on concrete over dirt lmao go sit down lol 😂😂
herebutnowhere herebutnowhere Sep 05, 2017
I can tell the book is good, but it's soooo hard read, she so disrespectful   I can't take it. I feel like my mama gon slap for  just for reading about her disrespectful ass
MakaiaNunnery MakaiaNunnery Jul 19, 2017
couldn't have been me. .I would've busted her head on that cash register