Dipped In Gold: Wattys2015

Dipped In Gold: Wattys2015

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"If everything is dipped in gold, then baby it will never grow"

Kiesh McBedet has always had an easy life. From getting everything she wanted to barely having to lift a finger. Now at the age of 18 she can't do anything but ask and beg. Her parents are tired of her lazy behavior and decide to teach her a lesson. 

Kiesh is soon kicked out of her parents house with only a small suitcase and nine-hundred dollars. She soon realizes she has to make some cash quick. She'd never be able to strip or be a drug dealer. So what can she do to make money in the real world? 

Copyright 2014

AliciaButler6 AliciaButler6 Nov 28, 2016
How about not. How about she get off her lazy tail and do it
Ewwww I do not like her! But it's her parents fault!  They created a MONSTERRRRRR
kashyyA_ kashyyA_ Dec 24, 2016
Ohhh hell nawl if i talked like that to my momma my ass gone die
deja_marie_ deja_marie_ Jan 01
Ooooh couldn't be me cause my mom would've beat my ass talking to her like that
Sweetheart?  Bihhh how bout I knock the sweet n low outta her and help her find a damn heart
callme_blu callme_blu Jan 11
She ungrateful .. all she had bouta get stripped away from her