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Lab rats: Secretly Super

Lab rats: Secretly Super

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Allison Wild By allisonwild101 Completed

Amelia Falcon is not your average teenage girl. She is the daughter of two of the best superheroes that ever lived, until they decided to settle down and raise their kids normally. Leo and her are best friends and have been since they've met in 2nd grade. Her life is normal, or as normal it can be for a super in hiding, until she met the Davenport's. She's dragged into the life of bionic's but can she keep her secret while keeping their's. And why does her heart beat faster at the sight of the youngest Davenport, Chase.

bands_r_my_life_ bands_r_my_life_ Nov 22, 2016
That's like me.
                              Except I mind.
Danalpswolf Danalpswolf May 01, 2016
For some reason, I've always thought of naming an alter ego something like Shiva, an ancient destroyer.
taytayleeder taytayleeder Sep 04, 2016
Bob and Amy from good luck Charlie and then Charlie's real name is Mia talerico !!! #mindblown
awkwardfandomtrash_ awkwardfandomtrash_ Mar 30, 2016
thundermans & lab rats have different stuff.
                              If it was THUNDERMANS why would there be lab rats & names from it on the cover?
StarsOfTheKnight StarsOfTheKnight Apr 29, 2016
Don't tell him that or his head won't fit through the door...
Otaku_Jinx Otaku_Jinx Jun 24, 2016
When I read this I pictured Mia going up to Mr.D and saying, with a poker face, "Trust me". He just nods and says, "Okay".