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A Miami Tale (Complete)

A Miami Tale (Complete)

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Kween By LabelMeNotorious_ Updated Dec 07, 2014


Black Zeus is 27 years old. He is the most feared man in Miami. You speak to him wrong and your dead. You speak back, your dead. You come up short, you come up missing. Zeus is a walking sex God. Women falling at his feet, wanting to have his kids, or wanting to live in the spotlight with him. But Zeus isn't just any ol' thug in the game. He been at the top and don't seem to be coming down anytime soon. But one trip to the North Regional Hospital will change his life forever.

Babalucchi, well let's just say he's Black Zeus rival. He plans on taking Zeus for everything he worked for.

Trina is 27 years old, a doctor, undercover freak, innocent, but don't let he innocent face fool you. She'll cut a bitch quick. 

Keta is Trina's best friend. They grew up together, but she's as ghetto as they come. 26 years old and wild.

Jay is 26 years old. Black Zeus baby brother. He's just like his brother, but has a heart. Some things happened to him in his past that have him standoff...

XVII_Aliciaa XVII_Aliciaa Dec 05, 2016
Not who pushed him out their pussy lmfao I'm loving it already
Can we just call him lucchi like YFN Lucci cause that's who I'm thinking of right now
NoLoveNeeded NoLoveNeeded Nov 13, 2016
Lmao bro i told my teacher that when i was in highschool 😂
qunmeashia qunmeashia Feb 20, 2016
2nd time reading and Ioveee it !  I should read the book .  ❤😌
remabundles remabundles Oct 27, 2016
Loveee her , now she gotta help the workers tho ? 🤔 or nah , I wouldn't 😂
I ain't a killer but don't test me revenge is like the sweetest thing next to getting pussy 😏