In the Office (ManxTransexualWoman)

In the Office (ManxTransexualWoman)

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Olivia is a 27 year old non-op transsexual. She acts, feels, and looks like a woman but physically is not. She never had the desire to have that surgery but has took pills and received added hormones to develop her breasts and appear more woman like. Only family and best friends known her secret. 

Thierry is the CEO of Chic Crave, one of the world's most successful clothing company. At the age of 31, he is a private man that doesn't like to share his life with others and has yet to have a lover. 

Olivia becomes his new secretary and quickly finds herself lusting for the anti-social man's touch but is it just lust she feels for him? Does Thierry feel the same? Will he care about her secret? Will he be disgusted? After all, anything can happen in the office.

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