Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived (Collected Original Works)

Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived (Collected Original Works)

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Khrys By KhrysThomas Updated Mar 17, 2011

The complete collection of my Harry Potter Fan Fictions from many different sites.  All revolving around the AU created in Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived.  Includes a large number of short ficlets set in that universe surrounding the characters.  Also includes the entire short series on Charlie Weasley and Cordilia Grahek.  All in one place; easy to find!

Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived     http://www.wattpad.com/875403-harry-potter-the-boy-who-lived

Her Other Half     http://www.wattpad.com/1186698-her-other-half

KhrysThomas KhrysThomas Jul 26, 2011
@DanielPeblson These stories were written long before she made that announcement, hence the AU warning. 
DanielPeblson DanielPeblson Jul 26, 2011
Brilliant and all but I do hope you know that J.k Rowling has actually said that Dumbledore is gay?
MintFlora MintFlora May 15, 2011
Awe! It's sad but so sweet at the same time! It's Awsome! Isnt Cassandra The divinasions teachers Grandmother I think it was? Anyways I love this is sooo sweet! 
KhrysThomas KhrysThomas Mar 18, 2011
@DeathoftheShadows They were originally posted at Mugglenet and SIYE.  A few other strictly Harry Potter Fanfiction sites.  I lived there for a few years when I was stuck in my all things HP phase.
KhrysThomas KhrysThomas Mar 16, 2011
@DeathoftheShadows   Thank you so much.  This was one of my favorite stories from the collection.  I know it turned out to be WAY off base, but I couldn't help but see them together...