When He Saved Me [Completed] (Slowly Editting 4 Years Later.) #214 In Romance!

When He Saved Me [Completed] (Slowly Editting 4 Years Later.) #214 In Romance!

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Kayla By ModifiedSoul Completed


Sera wasn't your average girl. She suffers from deep depression and anxiety lead on from constantly moving state to state. When her parents finally find a place to stay longer than a month, she feels reluctant to fully call it home, fearing they wouldn't last very long anyway. 

Her depression keeps growing, which leads to self harming for a release. But what happens when it isn't enough anymore? What happens when she visits a nearby cliff one late night in the woods that has a deep drop, and suicidal thoughts on her mind?

Jacob was the average, typical jock in school that every female swooned over. He's also part of the Dark Moon Pack, one of the strongest in the country. He was obsessed with himself, didn't take no for an answer and was the only one to be in control of everything. In short terms, purely dominant and he always get's what he wants. 

What happens when he's out late one night in his wolf form patrolling when he gets a sudden urge and pull to go to the nearby cliff?

  • fiction
  • love
  • teen
  • wolf
Crazy_AwesomeGirl Crazy_AwesomeGirl Sep 18, 2017
WOOOOW WAIT WAIT WAIT i skipped this and went straight to the comments and saw this ^^^ (persone who commented before me) and i was like WTF?! Is she dead or something but i realised she couldn't of put the story on Wattpad if she was dead so let me read this😆😆
Lif_ecomz_down Lif_ecomz_down Dec 14, 2017
Im dealing with severe depression and thus shall be how i feel
makingrain makingrain Oct 16, 2017
pun intended? omg sry i had to. not trying to make this funny
ElisiaWrites ElisiaWrites Jan 25, 2017
Like they just don't get you. They make assumptions on who you are, what your like, and they tell you they love you, get why does it feel forced sometimes?
InsanelyTomato InsanelyTomato May 21, 2015
I LOVE IT ALREADY. - Grins wildly - AGH NO ME. DONT GRIN......... - internal conflict - -sigh -