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The Highlander

The Highlander

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catswithglases By catswithglases Updated May 08

A few knocks came upon Rosies door and the most melodic of voices followed.  "Ti's most rude of ye' no tae open the door fer a wounded man lass"  The man had seen her and had the audacity to tease her about her manners after coming upon her land unannounced but more importantly he seemed to know she was alone in the cottage. Rosie was furious, how dare he correct her in her manners.  " Aye, unfortunately for you we lowlanders don't make it a habit to open the doors for strangers that look like they can crush your skull between their hands"  The strangers booming laughter could be heard  miles away she was sure of it and it only furthered her anger that he made it quite clear he was enjoying himself in what she considered to be a serious and dangerous situation.  "Come lass open the door I give ye mee word I won't lay a hand on ye" he said amusement clear in his voice and then he added " unless ye want me tae lassie, do ye want me tae?".  " It would be a cold day in hell when I let your hands come anywhere near me highlander, now go away!"   " However much this conversation has delighted mee bonny lass, mee wounds are gettin worse and if ye donna open this door yer going tae have tae stand aside cos I'm going to break it down"  What Rosie doesn't seem to know however is that the door isn't the only thing coming crashing into her life.

@deviatefromlife I agree. Its a good start but you have to break it up. Its a lot for the the reader to take in all at once
Bkiddo13 Bkiddo13 Jun 27, 2015
This is a very different take on the "highlander" story and I LOVE IT! Please continue :)
mariamagassama mariamagassama Feb 11, 2015
Lol what an interesting way to deal with a stranger in your home.
kofisash kofisash Dec 24, 2014
oh my lord I hope this book just keeps on going cause I love these two characters
- - Dec 13, 2014
That was a great chapter. Please continue. And that cover is on point!! Where did you get the picture? It will probably be my new wallpaper!!