Hood Girl

Hood Girl

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Mrs. Gotti By KingofThugs Completed

~Zacori Walker~

Have you ever felt so alone in the world. It feels like everyone is against you. You have no one there for comfort. No one to hold you and tell you everything will be alright. No one to tell you it's going to be ok even when it's not. No matter what you do it seems like everything just go wrong. No matter how hard you try people still find a way to find the faults. Everyone just wants to find the wrong in you. No one wants to look at the good.The good doesn't matter in my life. No matter what I do that I think is right it will still be wrong. 

You all alone because no one wants to get to know you. They don't give you the time of day. They don't want to even know what you're about because in their mind they already know you. They already know the kind of life you live. They already know what kind of person you are. But how can you know me when you never talked to me? How can you know me when you never even said a simple hi to me? How can you know my story when you have...

Stewiiie Stewiiie Aug 15
BITE THEM BTCHES OFF OMG 😂😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂😂😭😂😂😂😂
EmmyDee255 EmmyDee255 Nov 24
When a nigga calls me ma,,i already knw they are flirting! Who else can relate?
I remember when a dude tried to holla at me like that and I turned him down he said "Why you do a brother like that?" I said "Apparently you're a brother and I don't support incest"
anitacrida anitacrida Oct 14
I hope the author doesn’t take offence cause the storyline is poppin but them outfits...make me turn into the fashion police sis 🚔🚨
anitacrida anitacrida Oct 14
Who is he talking tooooooooo? Cause he ain’t talking toooo meeeee....*cocks gun* nigga play me never - give up my pride never
Who tf u think u talkin to? That food abt to go up ur äss if u not careful