Hood Girl

Hood Girl

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Mrs. Gotti By KingofThugs Completed

~Zacori Walker~

Have you ever felt so alone in the world. It feels like everyone is against you. You have no one there for comfort. No one to hold you and tell you everything will be alright. No one to tell you it's going to be ok even when it's not. No matter what you do it seems like everything just go wrong. No matter how hard you try people still find a way to find the faults. Everyone just wants to find the wrong in you. No one wants to look at the good.The good doesn't matter in my life. No matter what I do that I think is right it will still be wrong. 

You all alone because no one wants to get to know you. They don't give you the time of day. They don't want to even know what you're about because in their mind they already know you. They already know the kind of life you live. They already know what kind of person you are. But how can you know me when you never talked to me? How can you know me when you never even said a simple hi to me? How can you know my story when you have...

QveenNellie QveenNellie Oct 24
Imma call him Demorios because the description reminds me of a boy who attends my school.*our school uniform is white polo shirts and khaki pants*
QveenNellie QveenNellie Oct 24
We can't even be wearing shorts at school 
                              Uniforms suck😑
MIAAAAAMMMMIIIIIII HOME MF TOWNNNN #786 #305 #Liberty City In This Bihh😛😛😛😛
Braces.... Not really suppose to eat them but before I got them.... They was life😘😍😩😫
AngelaAlvarado2 AngelaAlvarado2 4 days ago
Sounds pretty emo in the beginning like something I'd say in a book or daily bases