Bobby's Daughter

Bobby's Daughter

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Alyssa Say-Die By AlyxSayxDie Updated Jul 05, 2016

*Supernatural Fanfic!*

When Bobby's daughter Karissa was put up for adoption, he had hoped she would grow up living a normal life. Not knowing of the supernatural. As she grew up, she began to learn more and more about Demons and ghosts. She decided she had to be a hunter. It was running in her blood. What happens when she's on a hunting trip and runs into the Winchester brothers and an angel, Castiel? Will she team up with them or stick to hunting alone?

(There shouldn't be any spoilers, but if there are I will let you know ahead of time!) (Well, there will be a spoiler to 7.10)

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MaggieAleksova MaggieAleksova Apr 29, 2016
I thought he became a hunter when she was possesed by a demon and Rufus saved him
silverflamee silverflamee Aug 15, 2014
I really really love this!!! please please update as soon as u possibly can!!!!!!!
AlyxSayxDie AlyxSayxDie Aug 08, 2014
I plan to update soon, but I am currently working on alot of original stories, plus my fanfics and school just started so it will be slow updates, sorry!
Gadreel_Girl Gadreel_Girl Aug 07, 2014
This is really really really really good! I love this! Please pleaseee update!!
stars_are_MAGIC stars_are_MAGIC Jun 28, 2014
Supernatural is an awesome show. I also love the sound of this story!! =)