Disquietude of My Heart

Disquietude of My Heart

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Kashish By Kashish_J Updated Jul 07

Innocents are often trampled during war. Especially when the fight is between Honourable and Greedy.

Mehek, a naive woman who being unable to comprehend her fate, landed up in a confusing alien world of supernatural. She got punished for a crime she didn't commit. 

He is a powerful yet just leader. He lived for welfare of his pack. Family and friendship were  his code of conduct. He is Shaurya, an Alpha .

Her eyes begged him to show mercy but he denied. He was blinded by vengeance. He broke her heart although it shattered him into pieces. He condemned her without proving her guilty. 

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****This is my first effort on werewolf genre. Kindly pardon mistakes made, owing to my limited knowledge in this area. Please bear with the creative liberties taken as this is entirely a work of fiction meant for entertainment*******Don't forget to vote and comment*****

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