He's Bad News {Completed}

He's Bad News {Completed}

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In a very closed community filled with narrow minded people, two opposites who never thought they could get along, defy the rules and realize that maybe they are not so different after all. Chloe Anderson is a naïve, miss goody two shoes who finds comfort in religion. Ryder West is the rebel, bad boy with more issues than Vogue. They both hate each other guts. Chloe would rather drop dead than have anything to do with him and Ryder would rather sell his soul to the devil than come anywhere near the school's oh so called 'little sunshine'. But then again hate is a strong word for Ryder. And Chloe never really learned to hate anyone... 

"HE'S BAD NEWS" is a coming of age story about love, stereotypes, prejudice, religion, the danger of doing drugs, finding who you really are and where you truly belong, becoming your own person and the realization that different doesn't necessarily mean bad. 

(Not your typical cliché bad boy - good girl story. Sorry)

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artistic_intuition artistic_intuition Jul 15, 2017
I would brake harshly any chance I got  just because he refused
RAnDOM_KIWI68 RAnDOM_KIWI68 Dec 22, 2017
....yall already know....
C1E1S1L C1E1S1L Aug 22, 2017
Your brother made the decision to actually swallow the alcohol but🤷🏻‍♀️
deidara-sempia deidara-sempia Sep 07, 2017
neither do u she could be some kick ass ninja for all u know
sxnxkhxn sxnxkhxn Sep 27, 2017
Your brother gets high and drinks willingly. Ryder didn't 'do' anything to him