Moebius 2157 | ONC2019 Short List

Moebius 2157 | ONC2019 Short List

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A. C. Evans By taivaan_sininen Completed

Special Agent Alyssa Caine has been tasked with the most important mission of her life: the assassination of the man who would bring about the end of the world. The only problem? He is already dead.
A minor issue that is resolved in the year 2157 when a renegade group of scientists develops a device that allows to jump through time. They recruit the former special agent to send her back fifty years, to take just one man out of the equation, a minimal change with a predicted maximal effect on the fate of the world, and prevent a devastating war that has driven the last surviving humans to live in decrepit underground bunkers.

Every action has a consequence. Alyssa is humanity's last hope, and her actions will determine the fate of the whole world. She is willing to sacrifice everything for a better future.
But she soon realizes that the impact of her actions might be beyond her control, and beyond all predictions.

Highest Rankings: 
#16 in Science [06.02.2019]
#36 in Dystopia [06.02.2019]
#65 in FemaleProtagonist [01.02.2019]
#71 in TimeTravel [06.02.2019]
#1 in Paradox [28.02.2019]
#1 in ONC2019 [01.02.2019]
#3 in OpenNovellaContest2019 [28.02.2019]

This is my entry for the ONC 2019! At first I thought I'd pick something a bit out of my comfort zone (so.... NOT SciFi for once...) to expand my horizon, but when I saw a prompt about time travel I was immediately inspired.
Please keep in mind, all of this is WIP! The title, cover, and some of the content might change at any time... I have an outline and I worked hard to come up with a compelling and consistent story line, but due to the nature of the story (timey whimey stuff!) I might have to revise things a few times as I write. I'm grateful for any feedback and I hope you enjoy :)

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