I Hate You Neighbor ✅

I Hate You Neighbor ✅

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"Listen princess, life's not fair okay, I got there faster and now the parking is mine and there's nothing you can do about it, so turn your pretty little self around, find another parking, and quit bothering me. Thanks love." he was glaring at me the whole time he spoke like he had a reason to be upset. He shot me a sarcastic smile that didn't reach his eyes and turned his back on me again and headed to the schools entrance, a little faster this time, almost as if he was afraid I would stop him again.

First impressions are everything. Madeleena's new neighbor did not make a good first impression.
But what happens when she starts falling for his British accent and good looks.
What happens when her crazy Ex is back in town.
How far would you go to protect the people you care about?

This is the first story I've ever written. It moves along way too fast, it's unrealistic and there are many cringe worthy moments. With all that being said, read at your own risk. It is mildly edited and although it does get better towards the end [because my writing skills got better as I practiced] it is not my best work. 

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^ I promise they're written better than IHYN [more experience=better content]

Thank you :)

I FINISHED THIS STORY AND LOVED IT WITH A RAGING PASSION. If you rewrote it I would definitely read it again.
How would u guys feel if i changed the cast a little? Just the representations (celebrity cast) and make Jessica --> Jesse (a guy)?
YazzieMarie YazzieMarie Jul 10
I like to think of myself as a morning person who just doesn't like waking up. After the whole "waking up" thing which is about a thirty minutes process, I'm actually a very happy person. My friends used to get annoyed because of it actually.
When someone can't find their shoe , all I think about is cristina yang during the plane crash and how all she kept saying was " I can't find my shoe" I felt bad for laughing omg😭😂
I'm suck in a town in California 😂 so don't complain I barely leave my own house 😂
Rood I'd feel really bad if I left my mom w/o finishing her sentence. Idk whh