The Bad Boy & The Fangirl (Editing)

The Bad Boy & The Fangirl (Editing)

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ConstantDayDream By ConstantDayDream Updated Jun 20

One summer.
One Cabin. 
One room. 
One bed.

Jasmine Evans is your typical fangirl. She's distraught that Sherlock won't be back until 2016. She's desperately waiting for The Blood of Olympus to be released in October and dreams of J.K Rowling writing another Harry Potter book. 

Axel Lockstone is like any other bad boy here on Wattpad. He obviously has stunningly good looks to make arrogance attractive and uses bad language like a drunk sailor. Although, there's more to him than meets the eye...

Follow Jasmine and Axel through their journey of extremely awkward moments, constant bickering and undeniable chemistry.

One room, one bed, two opposites.


I'd be like "hello there. I am a child who refuses to socialize and you may be a problem with my record of *put in age* years so you get to sleep outside.
                              sorry that was the sound of me spitting out my pringle bc the absurdity
Ok so Jasmine is just like me her whole personality is like I hate ppl and I was like METOO
Oml that is TO MUCH. I want to hang out with my dead fictional friends.
baileysgirl2017 baileysgirl2017 3 days ago
The perks of being a wallflower is my all time favourite movie
I'm not a social person and my reason is that the world is just not develop