Akatsuki's Little Girl

Akatsuki's Little Girl

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Zern By Zern_28 Updated Feb 28, 2016

Is description really necessary?...Yes?...Fine.

This book is about a cliché main character in a cliché plot and backstory.

...Is that enough? 

You know what? Just read the damn book.

sheepslikeme sheepslikeme Dec 22, 2017
Am i the only one who thought asuna is in sao the fairy one i cant remember its name and also a one with guns???
AnimeGoldenDragonFT AnimeGoldenDragonFT Jul 29, 2017
*le gasp* !!!!!!!! ITS ASUNA!!!!!!! AND THE THIRD HOKAGE!!!!!!!!!! *faints*
- - Jul 06, 2017
*prepares soap fish, soap soup, soap fried chicken, soap plate, soap spoon and fork, soap spaghetti, soap ramen (*distant screaming*: YOU HAVE RUINED RAMEN?!)*
                              Dinner is served~
ChiaraTheNeko ChiaraTheNeko Oct 27, 2017
I thought it said Asuma and I was like "what? Isn't asuma a guy?" Then I realize it said Asuna
Summer377 Summer377 Apr 05, 2017
Ya know if Tobi was in a game like Idk call of duty his name would probably be either Iluvmypartner<3 or Not_Madara.
Thatasianpotato Thatasianpotato Aug 10, 2017
fist of all i searched high and low to find an book with Tobi why?Meh cheesy puns!
                              Tobi: knock knock?
                              Dei: who's their?
                              Tobi: TOBI!
                              Dei: tobi who?
                              TOBI: TOBI OR NOT TO BE
                              DEI: WTF?