Mystic Messenger One-Shots

Mystic Messenger One-Shots

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The Human Otaku By TheHumanOtaku Updated Aug 04

Hmm....I need ideas.

707: "I have one-"

Me: "No."

707: "But-"

Me: "Okay."

707: "Alright, so, you open with me of course."

Me: "Of course."

707: "Then, Elly comes in-"

*eLLy mAkEs aN eNtRaNcE*

707: "Yeah! So-"

Jumin: "Luciel."

707: "Shit."

Jumin: "I need Elizabeth the Third back right this instant. I think you forgot-"

707: "Jumin that's great and all but you're ruining my opening."

Jumin: "Author?"

Me: "He's right,"

Jumin: "Luciel, I demand-"

Jaehee: "Sir."

Me: "Bae!"

Jaehee: "What?"

Jumin: "What is it, Jaehee? I'm busy."

Jaehee: "They need you back at the offi-"

707: "gUyS, it's not the time. Our dear Author needs help thinking of descriptions for the book we're going in,"

Jumin: "Oh. That."

Yoosung: "Sounds fun!"

707: *shrieks*

707: "When did you get-"

Yoosung: "Just now, lolol. Zen came, too."

Zen: "Unwillingly."

Me: "The whole gang's here! Now, all we need is Saeran, Rika, and V-"

Yoosung: *hisses*


Me: "Or maybe just Saeran and Rika."

707: "Don't forget Vanderwood!"

Vanderwood: "I do not wish to attend."

707: "But you're already here."

Vanderwood: "That was not me."

707: Anyway, as I was saying, we need Elly for this, Jumin."

Zen: "No way, we're including the cat in this too? Author?"

Me: "No objections."

Zen: "Of course. You favor Seven."


Me: "I am unbiased."

707: "Lolol, no one can resist my charms! Yoosung, back me up!"

Yoosung: "You're...joking..."

Me: "The letter count is slowly dwindling. I suggest we wrap this up."

707: "Perfect. Alright, guys, repeat after me."

Jumin: "This is child's play. I have no time-"

707: "E-L-L-Y!"

Everyone *dejectedly*: "E-L-L-Y"

707: "Is a P-U-S-S-Y!"

Zen: "Wait what the fu-"

Jumin: "How dare-"

707: "You didn't let me finish! I was going to say cat afte-"

Yoosung: "I...don't see the problem?"

Me: "Hush, child. Anyway, the letter count is gone and thus ends our temporary wall break. I hope you enjoyed, as there's more to come in the following chapters. Goodbye!"

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