Camelot: Hounds of Fate

Camelot: Hounds of Fate

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Most knights of the Round Table don't pass out drunk on Camelot castle's front lawn...but Hector is not most knights.

Being the younger brother of Launcelot is harder than he ever imagined. High expectations, too much alcohol, and an annoying new knight who can't keep his mouth shut have a tendency to make Hector's life miserable. However, things take a turn for the...more miserable when he is mysteriously abducted. As if that's not bad enough, the annoying new knight is abducted along with him.

Hector quickly finds that this is no run-of-the mill kidnapping, but one that aims to subvert everything he knows. 

Among King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Sir Launcelot, and Morgana le Fay, Hector must navigate the iron wills of the most powerful people in Camelot with nothing more than a sword and some half decent puns.

Camelot is the spitting image of the most perfect kingdom on earth, boasting a brave king, a beautiful queen, and an undefeatable knight. Yet just below the surface looms scandal, barely-legal magic, and a dreadful fate that few are lucky enough to escape. 

PREVIOUSLY TITLED "The Camelot Failure"

-new chapter every Thursday!
-cover made by the very talented @Noah_Glass !

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