Dark Mates

Dark Mates

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Claudia By kky_claud Completed

Rosea isn't the silly naive girl named Rosemarie Smith anymore. She doesn't - or at least she claims - have a stupid high-school obsession with Demetri Arch anymore. Now she's stronger, tougher, and she's in a big hell of a mess.

Rosea thought that finally this was the breakthrough of her life. She thought that her choice would make the rest of her life better, thought that it was the last straw. But what if Rosea was forced to kill the man that she once loved and the woman that she once swore to the moons would be her best friend forever?

She knows she has to, but how could she have the heart to? And while she does... she gets her heart broken all over again.

Sequel of Vampire Mates

  • arch
  • demon
  • hate
  • killer
  • love
  • mates
  • prince
  • rejection
  • rose
  • sequel
mac1freedom mac1freedom May 04, 2016
Yaaaa!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄he should have loved her when he had the chance.
Queen_Chael Queen_Chael May 08, 2016
So he's a transvestite... ummmmmmm that's kinda scary to me.......
Kate_Bilby Kate_Bilby Sep 20, 2015
Yeah but while you're capable of killing people you don't. Not necessarily ruthless if that's what you're getting at.
BrennaWiggins2 BrennaWiggins2 Dec 02, 2014
no it was demetri and why did she swearing,swearing is bad and besides i would rather die then give the devil my life
gothgirl08 gothgirl08 Sep 02, 2014
1, she is not your best friend anymore 2, Demetri is not her soul mate
analicia24 analicia24 Jul 09, 2014
i love dis book!!!!!  I will write a song to express my feelings towards this book.... I LOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOU BOOOOOOOOK!( she sings in a horrible singing voice) JK