Wish Upon the Night Sky (Naruto Fanfic)

Wish Upon the Night Sky (Naruto Fanfic)

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When all hope is lost, what else can you do but wish upon the night sky?

Usagi is a young girl who remembers everything.
Silent and mysterious, at only four years old she is found outside of the Konoha gates by herself.
Reluctant to leave the girl on her own, a silver haired ANBU takes her into the village.

The life of Usagi. The mute, redheaded, crazily powerful, crazily clumsy ninja.

I am horrible at descriptions.

***Thank you @CallMe72 for the beautiful cover***

***Completed at chapter 100***

****Also I don't own Naruto, Kishimoto does... This is just a fanfic I started when I was bored. Disclaimer done!****

She reminds me of Nagato. Didn't he cover his eyes when he got his dojutsu?
Well too bad! This is the job you chose. Deal with it and quit whine like a child 😠
I love this book so much this is my second time reading it I can't stop thinking of it
Hope this is a good fanfic I think I've read all of them ._.
- - May 02
What is the name of the song? I think this ever time I read this, and I read this story I don't know how many times on a different account.
ch1b1k0 ch1b1k0 Nov 22
Words always hurts more because the physical pain goes away but the emotional pain you can remember