Queen of the Serpents- [Sweet Pea] // Riverdale

Queen of the Serpents- [Sweet Pea] // Riverdale

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Natalie Anderson has grown up on the Southside of Riverdale her entire life, she was practically raised by the serpent king himself. She is a force to be reckoned with, but when a certain serpent comes into her life, things change. The only question is if whether that's a good or bad thing? Especially if it's in a place like Riverdale...

Sweet Pea Fanfic

I do not own any of the Riverdale characters. I only own Natalie Anderson and her story. The story will be based around the events that take place in the show, except for the ones that I create. I am going to go through the first season rather quickly because for the most part I want everything to sorta fall in to place with season 2 and so on.


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