The Bowerbird

The Bowerbird

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Sheriboberry1970 By Sheriboberry1970 Updated Jan 22, 2019

Birdie finds out that the path she has chosen in life has been heavily manipulated by her father and she is determined to redesign her own destiny.  Her best friends, Gabe and Carly, stand with her as she grieves the death of her mother during the last few months of their senior year of high school.  Together they decipher the clues left behind in a letter that Birdie discovers in her mom's gift shop, The Bowerbird.  

A new comer to their small Florida town adds a warmth into Birdie's life that she didn't know she was missing, but Mimi, her grandmother, warns her of trusting an outsider.

Over and over again Birdie confronts obstacles that threaten her happiness.  The alluring traps that have been placed before her are difficult to resist, but Birdie has a goal in sight that she believes no one can keep her from reaching.  

Or can they?