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Wwill You Be My Queen of Hope (Eridan x Reader)

Wwill You Be My Queen of Hope (Eridan x Reader)

98.6K Reads 3.9K Votes 34 Part Story
Charlie Nitram By charlienitram12 Completed

Eridan has lost hope in everything even in trying to find a friend. Until that one get together came around and he met you. Are you the hope he's looking for, or is it all a lie to him. Read to find out!

1AngelT-T 1AngelT-T Dec 22, 2016
Thats why i dint hug him shake hands with him i dont tuch him because of that (but hes hot af)
RoseMGottschalk RoseMGottschalk Nov 04, 2016
Well Sassy Fish..? I wwould've motherfishing slap the shiet outta yo blubbering fishtocks
JordanKelley6 JordanKelley6 Dec 20, 2016
As it hits me in the face, I catch it in my mouth sexually. I lick it. 
                              "I can treat your bulge like this too"
Worth_More Worth_More Jan 12
Me on the first day of school
                              Second week of school: STFU YOU DIRTY SLUTSSSS
Worth_More Worth_More Jan 12
I read "My name is name!" and forgot I was supposed to say my name...