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Keyshaaa By KeeyshhBlunts Updated Jun 13, 2016

I've been told that I have a dirt little mind, and since I let all my other fantasies run wild in my writings, i figured i should let the others run wild  as well. "Shots" is not, a new tale, it is simply short "pleasure pieces". Note that I am not as seasoned as the other Rated R writers but I do pretty well for someone my age. I am open to requests/suggestions don't be afraid to leave me some writing tips. 


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xx_brown xx_brown Jun 10, 2016
Bruh that plot twist though, I was like hold on they don't know each other to be saying i love you ?? Then boom😂
lady_cole lady_cole Jun 10, 2016
One of the chapters to my book Office Affairs is just like this one
CalifornianLove CalifornianLove Jun 19, 2015
tell why well of a sudden I think maybe that her husband and they doing role play
tishwish2010 tishwish2010 May 20, 2015
lol I wasn't expecting that! but roleplay is a good way to keep the spark up