Rescued: Book 2 of Trapped Series

Rescued: Book 2 of Trapped Series

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WriterWithin By writerwithin Updated Nov 22

---Author Note---

Ok so it's finally here the sequel and if you haven't noticed it has it's own name :) it should give you some sort of clue as to what is going to happen in this sequel.

Also thank you all for the wonderful comments you have all done on this story.

Also I have realised I keep changing Logan's aunts name it's because I had originally set on having her called Lynn but I was getting confused a lot between what his aunt was going to be called and what Megan's mom was going to be called. So officially his aunt is called Lynn which is short for Lynnette and Megan's mom is going to be called Lucy. I know not very imaginative I was going to have be called Helen but then I realised when I was reading back on the story that the woman in Megan's school is called Helen I think or the social worker I'm not too sure lol this just shows how bad my memory can get.

But anyway enjoy the chapter the next chapter to this will be out depending on the performance of this one :P


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I love this story like it's my number one favorite even though I'm late at reading this but still in love with this story
DanaDabsheh DanaDabsheh Jun 10, 2013
Amazinggggg!!!!!! Best story I ever read on wattpad ! Pleaseeee updateeee!!
writerwithin writerwithin Apr 24, 2013
@BarbieMarieBishop if you go on my profile you should be able to see it. It's cqalled A Lesson in Love and War
writerwithin writerwithin Dec 06, 2012
@SaraBeth1995 Hey yes I am don't worry. I've just started university and well that comes first I'm afraid
SaraBeth1995 SaraBeth1995 Dec 06, 2012
Are you planning on finishing this sequel? I'm addicted!!!! (: