Bad Boy Brady

Bad Boy Brady

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Tina By Bookworm_Tina Updated Dec 16, 2017

"I don't trust you." Amelia said in all honesty. 

"Smart girl." Brady said. 

Amelia took a step closer. "But,"

Brady stopped what he was busy with and watched with curious eyes as Amelia stood a few feet away from him with her wide blue eyes solely on him. 

"But no matter how much I want to, I can't stay away." 

Brady dropped the wrench that was in his hand and after wiping the slight amount of grease off his forehead he stepped closer to her. "I take back what I said." He said tilting his head to the side. "You have to be the stupidest girl I know."

Amelia took in a breath. "That's what my brain keeps on telling me too."

"Then listen to your brain." Brady said menacingly. "Because I doubt daddy would want his precious angel to be playing with broken toys."

"I don't care." Amelia stated confidently. 

Brady caught her off guard and grabbed her waist, yanking her closer to him. "If you intend on keeping your heart in one piece, I suggest you start to care." 

Amelia gulped. "Well, I'm all about taking risks and this is a risk I'm willing to take Brady."

Brady Ryland and Amelia Stanton are worlds apart, he's a damned bad boy with a troubled childhood and she's a spoilt girl with the world at her feet. Until one day when they meet under unusual circumstances and perspectives and plans start to change but mostly they start to change each other. 

Among demons of the past, deceit, betrayal, love and family, lays the bittersweet tale of close to perfect Amelia and flawed Brady.

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i hate 3rd person stuff but since tina wrote it i'll read it
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Cool but I reaaallly like His Playboy Ways much better.  Well,let's see