Crossing the Line ✔️

Crossing the Line ✔️

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Crossing the Line is the second story in The Pines Series, following four college friends as they find love and companionship. This story explores Felicity's fall for an unlikely man. Felicity is an uninhibited, free-spirit who is drawn to traditional, manly-man Michael.  Incidentally, Michael doesn't seem all that interested in Felicity.

Felicity knows better than anyone, though - the heart wants what the heart wants.

Michael simply isn't ready to love again. Despite his mild interest in Felicity, she can't possibly be the right kind of girl for him. Yet when she proposes they become friends, he finds her hard to refuse.  In fact, everything about Felicity is pretty hard to refuse, including when she offers him the most precious gift. 

Crossing the Line also continues Lina and Zane's story as they inch closer to their happily ever after.  Rounding out the ensemble cast introduced in On the Line (1st book in The Pines Series) we get to cheer on Jonathan as he works to pull his life back together post-divorce.  

[[**First place Romance in the Night Owl Awards; Second place Romance Hidden Gems 2019**]]

**This story contains adult language, mature themes, and some sexual content - but nothing too explicit.**

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