One Direction Adopted... A Warewolf??*Under Editing*

One Direction Adopted... A Warewolf??*Under Editing*

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summerlynn09 By summerlynn09 Updated Jun 30, 2014

What happens when One Direction adopts a ware wolf? Will they find out that Sally's been lying to them the whole time? 


Meet Sally's fourteen year old girl who's lonely but very positive. She's not like any other orphan girl who's had trouble forgetting about her past or the fact she's been adopted twice. That all changes when One Direction decides that they need a child in their home. But little do they know that the person they adopted was a ware wolf. Accidents will happen and a big fight will occur. Can she do anything to keep her family safe? Read and find out.

Lolly-Loves-Lollies Lolly-Loves-Lollies May 03, 2017
Maybe she ATE the kids! I KNEW I COULD SMELL SOMETHING FISHY! - oh! no! She was just eating some more salmon!! ;)
ShartyMarty ShartyMarty Aug 03, 2017
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MaiPollyPerson MaiPollyPerson Aug 14, 2017
"Gorgeous boys"
                              THEY ARE MORE THEN GORGEOUS THEY ARE 
jessicaguido145 jessicaguido145 Apr 14, 2017
strangle her.*sigh*😤😤no one messes with my man😭😭
blackwidow1122 blackwidow1122 Apr 29, 2017
Hey that's what people say about me I love black and white clothes
jessicaguido145 jessicaguido145 Apr 14, 2017
Oh godd thats my chiquilla i raised her right😂😂😂i wonder when i have children what their ginna be like.....