His Keeper

His Keeper

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Warning: This story takes place in New Orleans, so it will have a lot of New Orleans slang in this story. If you don't know what anything means, just ask and I'll answer your question as soon as possible. Its not that hard to understand though.


Terrance puts his backpack on his shoulder along with his gym bag. He closed his locker and headed towards the John Ehret High School gym. 

"Hey, Terrance." A girl says.

"What's up, baby?" Terrance replies in his thick New Orleans accent.

The girl blushes. She finally got Terrance's attention. Maybe she will end up in bed with him.

Terrance's fifteen year old brother, Terry walks out of the boy's bathroom with his gym bag in hand. "Man, I just got the best head from this freshman."

Terrance laughs at his younger brother. "Boy, you crazy." He spots his best friend by the lockers, making out with his girlfriend. "Yo, Marco!"

Marco pulls away from the kiss. "What, nigga?"

"Come on, man. It's almost time for practice." Terrance tells him....

__veeeee __veeeee Jul 19, 2017
Kelly we don't play this in New Orleans you could get it too.
caniahh caniahh Nov 08, 2017
nigga what? 😂 you walked down the stairs , sat down , ate dinner , with a condom full of condom still on your dick💀