Living with Noah Parker.

Living with Noah Parker.

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marlonteixera_ By marlonteixera_ Updated Aug 31, 2015

'The truth is, everybody in your life is going to hurt you at some point, you've just got to find those worth suffering for.'

Meghan's life is far from normal. Her parents are dead, she has no family, her boyfriend's abusive and a series of unfortunate events have lead her to living with her number one enemy; Noah Parker.

Noah, the sweetheart, with a winning smile and Meghan the wallflower once attached at the hip can't stand each other's presence anymore.

Meghan's changed, she's built up walls and she hides behind a mask to numb herself of any feelings, when Noah realises she needs his help more than ever. But Meghan's a strong willed girl, she doesn't need help, she doesn't want help, she won't take help, she's so scarred from loosing the ones she loves she pushes away everybody because she thinks she'll get attached and they'll leave her too.

Noah begins to realise, that naive, innocent girl he grew up with is still his best friend but as much as he tries he can't break down her walls, she keeps pushing him away but that doesn't stop him.

He wants to make things right, he wants to help her, he wants to be a part of his best friends life again but when he begins unrevealing her secrets maybe it's time he took a step back.

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